Dietetics Department

Historical Background

Dietetics Department is one of the clinical departments in Jos University Teaching Hospital. It became operational in the year 1981 under the leadership of Mrs. Esther J. Badamosi. The services rendered then were a special diet kitchen (Pantry) within the main kitchen where therapeutic fluid diet (kwash pap) was prepared. This subsequently transited into a full-fledged Dietetics Department saddled with the responsibility of providing adequate medical nutrition, therapeutic care and support, alongside training and research within the Hospital.

The Department has continued to grow and improve on the services rendered as well as introduction of new products.

The pioneering Heads of Department from inception under which the Department enjoyed and functioned effectively and efficiently were:

  • Mrs. Esther J. Badamosi : 1981 to 1997 - Resigned
  • Miss. Margaret Williams : 1998 to 2001 - Late
  • Hauwa Owolawashe : 2001 to 2011 - Late
  • H. O. Salami : 2011 to 2015 - Retired
  • Judith Mkav F. A. Gyoh : 2015 to 2021 - Retired

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The day-to-day functions of the Department are based on seven (7) Units for effective and efficient service delivery, namely:

  1. Medical Unit
  2. Paediatrics Unit
  3. Surgical Unit
  4. Antenatal Unit
  5. Family Health Clinic
  6. APIN (Adult and Children)
  7. Production Unit


  1. Dietary Counseling, modifications, quantification of meal for both in and out-patients and dispensing of therapeutic diets.
  2. Production of complementary and therapeutic feeds using locally available cereals/legumes/nuts.
  3. Assessing and feeding of critically ill patients in the Wards, ICU, EPU, HDU and Amenity using Therapeutic Fluid diet (kwash pap), and Therapeutic Diets.
  4. Ward rounds and subsequent follow-up of patients on admission.

Academic Activities

  • Training of Dietetic Interns, Resident Doctors on posting, Industrial Training students, Community Health Officer students, Youth Corps Members and Researchers.
  • Tutorials and food demonstrations to Medical Students, Community Health Officers and Resident Doctors posted to the Department.
  • Lectures at the various Schools of JUTH, including Post Basic Critical Care Nursing, CHO Training School and Post Basic Nephrology Nursing.

Staff Strength

  1. Chief Dietitian - 5
  2. Assistant Chief Dietitian - 3
  3. Dietitian - 4
  4. Chief Health Assistant - 1
  5. Principal Health Assistant - 8
  6. Head Porter - 6
  7. Interns - 22
  8. Total - 49

Vision Statement

A world Class Teaching Hospital devoted to improving the quality of life of people.

Mission Statement

To provide effective and efficient medical services, training and research that meets the healthcare needs of the people in our Community.

Our Core Values

The core values of JUTH are: Sanctity of human life, Compassion for humanity, Honesty and integrity, Discipline, Hard work and diligence, Team work, Trust and confidence, Accountability, Pursuing greatness.

Contact Information

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