About the department

Pharmacy Department delivers integrated and inclusive pharmaceutical services to the hospital and the public.


  1. The management of existing essential drug resolving fund (EDRF)
  2. The Pharmacy Department superintends the procurement, storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals.
  3. Pharmaceutical care which provides for the rational and safe use of medicines is enjoyed by both the in-patients and the out-patients.
  4. The practice of pharmacovigilance is active and on-going.
  5. The Pharmacy Department also provides Drug Information Services and operational research so as to be in tune with modern day practice.
  6. There is an existing and functional small scale manufacturing and compounding unit.
  7. Training of pharmacy students, Interns and students of the West African Postgraduate Pharmacists.
Excellent providers of tertiary healthcare that enhances the quality of life of people.
To provide effective and efficient health services, training and research that meets the needs of the people.
  • Sanctity of human life
  • Compassion for humanity
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Hardwork and diligence
  • Teamwork
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Accountability
  • Pursuing Greatness
Contact Information
Correspondences with Pharmacy Department, JUTH, can be emailed to: pharmacy@juth.org.ng

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