Brief History of Jos University Teaching Hospital

The Jos University Teaching Hospital was established in June, 1981 for the training of medical students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

In 1977, Professor A. C. Ikeme, the Foundation Dean of the new Medical School of the University of Jos and Professor E. Olisa, the Foundation Head of Pathology Department identified the then Murtala Mohammed Hospital as one that could be upgraded to temporarily house a Teaching Hospital that can be used for training of medical students. This was confirmed by an inspection team from Nigerian Medical and Dental Council in 1978.

The upgrading, which was then planned and implemented by a Committee under the Chairmanship of Professor Emmanuel U. Emovon, the then Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos involved:

  1. Building of:
    • Additional wards and a delivery suite to increase the bed complement from 300 to 505.
    • Three (3) Theatre Suites
    • General Out-Patient and Consultant Clinics
    • Laboratory, and
    • Lecture Theatres and Office Facilities
  2. Major re-organizations to establish the traditional clinic and laboratory departments of Medicine, Surgery, Chemical Pathology, Psychiatry, Physiotherapy and the Supporting Services units.
  3. Recruitment of capable Faculty Lecturers/Consultants, Resident Doctors and Technologists to man these facilities.
  4. Procuring essential equipment to make the new Departments functional for teaching purposes.

Although the first set of medical students started using the facilities in June, 1979, it was not until 1981 that, the Institution was formally recognized as a Teaching Hospital by an Act of Parliament.

It was then mandated to:

  • Provide tertiary and referral services to Nigerians resident in Plateau, Bauchi, Benue, and later Gongola (Adamawa, Taraba), and Kaduna states as well as Abuja (FCT) and promote primary health care in Plateau State.
  • Provide facilities for medical research and training of medical students and allied professionals.

By 22nd June, 1981, the Hospial’s property was leased to the Federal Ministry of Health in an agreement signed by the then Federal Minister of Health, Mr. V. Ugwu and Plateau State Commissioner of Health, Mrs. Catherine Hoomkwap.

The first Management Board was inaugurated in 1980 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Silas Janfa and they contributed a lot to the aforementioned upgrading. Prof. A. C. Ikeme, Foundation Dean of the Medical School, also headed the Teaching Hospital. Professor Ikeme was succeeded as Dean in 1984 by Professor E.O. Oji.

In 1985, Teaching Hospital (JUTH inclusive) were reorganized through the instrument of Decree No. 10 to wear the following new look:

  • New Management Boards were constituted.
  • The position of Chief Medical Director was established and separated from that of the Dean of the Associated Medical School.
  • The Administrative set up of the Hospitals were reorganized into two Directorates – Directorate of Administration and the Directorate of Clinical Services.

A new Board under the Chairmanship of Colonel M.A. Green, was inaugurated for Jos University Teaching Hospital in 1985, while Professor Shima K. Gyoh – Consultant Surgeon and former Commissioner of Health in Benue State was appointed as the first Chief Medical Director. Under his leadership, the Hospital was given a new lease of life. He (Prof. Gyoh) initiated some administrative changes along the line of Degree 10, began the rehabilitation of buildings and equipment and made some definite strides towards improving the level of patient care. His (Prof. Gyoh) tenure was short-lived when he was appointed the Director General, Federal Ministry of Health.

Professor J.T. Momoh, a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, was then appointed as Chief Medical Director in August, 1988. The Hospital under his leadership was opened up with resultant influx of very competent and experienced health professionals of different cadre. Some facilities were further expanded while old equipment were refurbished and new ones procured to enhance services.

Professor J.T. Momoh completed his tenure in 1996 and was succeeded by another Consultant Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Iya. He improved and expanded the scope of services of the Hospital. His tenure witnessed remarkable improvement in discipline and provision of equipment as well as commencement of work at the permanent site of the hospital at Lamingo which was abandoned due to lack of funding.

Dr. Daniel Iya successfully completed his tenure and handed over to Dr. V.M. Ramyil, who acted as Chief Medical Director from April, 2004 to 16th June, 2005. He worked relentlessly to improve services with the procurement of additional equipment.

Professor V.M. Ramyil’s tenure ended on 16th June, 2005 when Dr. Ishaya C. Pam was appointed as Chief Medical Director. His major concern was to complete the first phase of the permanent site of the hospital. He set out to work and with the active support of the then President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR, work resumed at the permanent site in earnest. The Board of Management under the Chiarmanship of Dr. John Lawani of blessed memory worked assiduously to ensure that work was completed on schedule.

With the demise of Dr. John Lawani, Dr. Abdulkarim Ibrahim, was appointed to Chair the Board. His exemplary commitment ensured the completion of the phase one of the project which was commissioned on Tuesday, 24th May, 2007 by President Olusengun Obasanjo, GCFR.

Dr. Ishaya Pam’s tenure ended on 16th June, 2013 having relocated the Hospital to the permanent site at Lamingo. He was succeeded by Prof. Edmund B. Banwat who also now had completed his tenure and handed the mantle of leadership to the incumbent Chief Medical Director, Dr. Pokop Wushipba Bupwatda.

Excellent providers of tertiary healthcare that enhances the quality of life of people.

To provide effective and efficient health services, training and research that meet the needs of the people.

Identity Statement

Jos University Teaching Hospital is a Federal Tertiary Health Institution pursuing excellence in the provision of services, training and research.

Meet Our Top Management Team

Dr. Pokop Wushipba Bupwatda
Dr. Pokop Wushipba Bupwatda

Chief Medical Director

Mrs. Roseline Anthony Sani
Mrs. Roseline Anthony Sani

Ag. Director of Administration

Dr. Josiah Njem Miner
Dr. Josiah Njem Miner

Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee

Michael Mayomi Medugbon
Michael Mayomi Medugbon

Director of Finance & Accounts

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